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Signature Facial

A signature facial includes a deep cleansing of the skin and products chosen for your skin type.  Next, we exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells, followed by extractions if necessary.  Finally, we include a facial massage and a professional strength mask customized for either hydration, pore tightening, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, brightening skin tone or improving skin texture.  This treatment will exfoliate, detoxify, tighten pores, and nourish the skin while lifting dead skin cells rendering smooth, healthy-glowing skin!

Starting at $75
1 hour


Medical-grade microdermabrasion performed with either crystals or a diamond tip hand piece, based on your skin's needs. It is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks.

Microdermabrasion helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion. Collagen is a protein in your skin that’s abundant when you’re a child and makes skin appear taut and smooth. Collagen production declines as we age, resulting in looser, uneven skin.

$75 for 30-min microdermabrasion only

$105 microdermabrasion with signature facial
1 Hour

Microderm/O2 Ion Rejuvenation

O2 Ion Rejuventation (formerly referred to as Microablation) is a no downtime treatment that utilizes oxygen, sterlizied saline, and ionization to hydrate, plump, and rejuvenate skin. This unique treatment is most effective when used in conjunction with microdermabrasion to first remove unwanted dead skin cells, so we've combined them in this special facial.

How O2 ion rejuvenation Works

During your treatment, the aesthetician glides an electrode wand tip over the skin that is charged with radio frequency. Also connected to the wand tip is IV tubing that supplies a sterile normal saline solution to the electrode.  When the saline solution and the electrode come in contact, a “plasma field” is created.  The result is a gaseous field that is able to penetrate to the dermis (the deeper second layer of skin) causing the skin cells to separate on a molecular level.

The “micro-separation” that occurs at this moment causes your skin cells to perceive a minor injury, even though your skin won’t look or feel injured.  But once your skin cells perceive this separation as an injury, they are stimulated to make collagen in order to “heal” the injury.

Why Should You Consider This Treatment?

Microdermabrasion followed by O2 Ion Rejuvenation is great for someone who wants to go deep on skin rejuvenation but doesn’t want to experience the downtime associated with more aggressive procedures like laser skin resurfacing.

1 hour

Mini Trio

Skin RN's most popular maintenance facial! Our clients love the results this combination of services delivers—softer, healthier, glowing skin that can last for weeks.

how it works

1. Prep & Exfoliate. We start by exfoliating the skin to prepare it for our oxygenating treatments. Exfoliating and removing the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells helps treatments better penetrate the skin and maximizes their benefits.

2. Rejuvenate. Next we apply a 3-step antioxidant therapy designed to correct and prevent free radical damage, which is one of the most significant factors in the aging process. This O2 Ionization procedure affects the skin at the molecular level. Thi gentle non-invasive treatment forces ions into the skin to create a healing response and stimulate collagen.

3. Soothe & Repair. We finish your procedure with a mask customized to your skin and your treatment goals, followed with an application of customized products to repair and protect your skin.

The Results

Your skin will have a beautiful healthy glow, feeling refreshed and hydrated. O2 Ionization has a noticeable tightening effect leaving the skin firmer with a more even skin tone. Over the next week you should notice a continuing improvement in your skin. Clients suffering from acne or rosacea should notice an immediate calmness in the irritated areas and a reduction in inflammation. We recommend repeating this facial treatment every 4-6 weeks for radiant, healthy skin all year long.

1 hour

Ultimate Trio

Go “Ultimate” by adding a Laser Rejuvenation or BBL treatment for your face and neck to our Mini Trio. Laser treatments can be customized for your specific skin concerns such as, fine lines, diffuse redness, brown spots, uneven skin tone, large pores or broken capillaries.

1 1/2 hours

Oxygen Hydration Facial

This Facial will give you the perfect glow with a custom blend of vitamins propelled deep into the skin through PURE Oxygen. This treatment system can be utilized for both corrective and preventative skin care, and is especially effective for reducing the signs of aging caused by the sun, free radical damage, and exposure to pollutants.  This treatment uses a combination of 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and pure oxygen gas, which leaves you with healthier, rejuvenated skin.

1 hour

Acne Facial

Customized for your specific concerns. Includes exfoliation, designer repair treatment, and extractions.

1 hour

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Begins with a deep cleansing of the skin.  Next, we exfoliate your skin with Microdermabrasion to remove any dead skin cells, followed with a designer peel and extractions.  Finally, we include a facial massage and a professional strength mask customized for your skin.  This treatment will exfoliate, detoxify, tighten pores, and nourish the skin while lifting dead skin cells rendering smooth, healthy-glowing skin!

1 hour

Dermaplane Facial

This facial exfoliates skin while temporarily removing peach fuzz hair. Treatment includes a scrub, customized mask, and customized repair products.

1 hour

Chemaderm Facial

This treatment Includes a light chemical or enzyme peel after Microdermabrasion plus customized mask and repair products.

1 hour

Back Facial

This stress reducing back facial focuses on a hard to reach and often ignored area. It offers deep cleansing, exfoliation, and rejuvenation of the back area. Treatment includes a medical microdermabrasion and a light peel with a custom mask and relaxing massage techniques.

1 hour

Skin Classic

This procedure is for the treatment of minor skin irregularities. The Skin Classic treatment uses high frequency technology for the rapid treatment of minor skin irregularities such as telangiectasis, cherry angiomas, fibromas, skin tags, hyper pigmentation, cholesterol deposits, cystic acne and clogged pores.

Prices vary based upon number of lesions removed or treated.

Starting at $50

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